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Assist on-time operations with greater visibility into ground resources

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Own your timeline track equipment 24/7

Reduce jobsite delays. Know where every piece of equipment is at all times. Manage multiple job sites concurrently. Geoforce Track and Trace takes the guesswork out of field operations. Only Geoforce combines a global, cloud-based software platform with ruggedized GPS tracking devices.

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Proven Durability

Hermetically sealed, HALT tested devices are designed for the elements.

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Unique Applications

Tracking engine stands, luggage carts, moveable stairs and more means that your ground operations can run more smoothly.

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Through a combination of robust devices and software, we can build solutions that meet your tracking requirements.

“With Geoforce, we can give [our customers] business intelligence that enables them to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. They can use the data to do things like identify and redeploy underused tanks and predict the need for refills or repairs.”

-Angela Ball Office Manager, ETS
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Locate valuable equipment and plan field operations

Remotely monitor the location of your equipment to reduce worksite delays. More accurate location data enables more rapid turnaround times on the ground.


Confirm service delivery and equipment utilization

Generate periodic utilization and telemetry reports for your equipment’s location and usage, so you can confirm active use and determine if you have underutilized equipment.

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Ensure equipment is certified and reduce downtime on jobs

With Compliance Check’s usage- and time-based alerts, play a more active role in the preventative maintenance and certification of your mixed fleet.


Innovative technology allows airlines to enhance safety

Tracking the proper operation of equipment and vehicles allow ground support to manage, encourage, and deliver safer and more productive operations for all.